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Spooling Machine

Product highlights

  • Handles web widths from 6mm up to 25mm
  • Up to 24 spooling stations can be added via 'Plug and Play'
  • Perfect pitch control using dedicated Windows software
  • Supports Lobe and Pineapple winding modes
  • Unlimited system data Save & Recall (dependent only on the capacity of your PC)

Optional Equipment

  • FIFE CDP01 guiding unit
  • Dual oscillating trim removal


Spooling machine


Unwind & slitting station

Maximum roll diameter: 1000mm (40")
Maximum roll width: 355mm (14")
Minimum roll width: 32mm (1¼")
Core size: 76mm (3”)
Shaft type: Strip type airshaft with 1000mm (40") side plate for material datum positioning
Brake: Multi-puck pneumatic type
Tension control: Automatic load-cell
Tension range: 0.5 to 6Kg (1–10lbs)
Splice table: Horizontal table with in-feed and out-feed pneumatic clamps
Guider system (Optional) FIFE CDP01 guider with ultrasonic head for edge guiding
Machine main drive: Dual rubber covered "S" wrap 100mm (4") diameter driven rollers
Maximum machine speed: 360mteres/min (1200ft/min)
Length counter: Calibrated in either feet or meters. PLC controlled for automatic stop at pre-determined length without slowdown preset


Slitting type: Wrap rotary shear / razor / score
Minimum slit width: 5mm (¼")
Maximum slit width: 25mm (1")
Trim removal (Optional): Dual oscillating trim winders, or vacuum

Spooling station

No of spooling heads: 1-24
Maximum finished spool width: 500mm
Maximum spool diameter: 500mm
Core size: Nominal 76mm (minimum 25mm up to any size)
Shaft type: Strip type airshaft
Path rollers leading to each station: Ultra low friction aluminium type

Each station comprises of:

Pull motor: The first in-feed roller to each station is fitted with a driven torque controlled motor to keep controlled tension in the product from the slitting station
Tension control: Dancer arm
Tension range: 75 – 1000 grams (0.2 – 2lbs)
Oscillating position control: Ground precision ball screw controlled by an ac brush less servo controller fitted with an indexer card which is programmed by SRC windows based spool manager software to an accuracy of one degree of rotation of the rewind shaft
Operator controls: PC controls for all spooling actions and independent operation controls fitted to each station
Rewind drive: AC brushless servo motor servo locked to the oscillating ball screw and controlled via the dancer arm
Winding type: Contact / gap
Spooling types available: 1 degree adjustable lobe winding / pineapple winding

spooling machine

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